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Launch of full ophthalmic portfolio of PharmaVision Europe in Albania

On 04 May 2018 the Health Fund of the Republic of Albania announced the entry into force of the new 2018 Reimbursement List. PharmaVision Europe has 4 ophthalmic products included as so called "referent" products on the reimbursement list - meaning that the price of...

Launch of UROPROST tabl. x 60 – Patented Formula for Urinary Health

In April 2018 PharmaVision Europe launches on key markets in Europe and in Central Asia new patented formula for Urinary Health - UROPROST tabl. x 60. The product is intended for peroral immunotherapy of acute or chronic non-specific infections of the urinary tract in...

Participation in Monos Expo

In October Pharmavision Europe has taken part in the biggest pharmaceutical exhibition in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia – MONOS EXPO. The exhibition is held every year and presents the best healthcare brands and cosmetics products of international and local manufacturers.

Launch of Gripoblock and Acecys

PharmaVision Europe launches Gripoblock and Acecys in Europe and Asia PharmaVision Europe starts to supply the markets in Europe and Asia with 4 new medicinal products - innovative formulas developped to cover the needs of the patients in acute conditions caused by...

Launch in Mongolia

PharmaVision opened a new Representative Office in Mongolia Launch of ProBioVision range of symbiotic products in Mongolia.