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MoxiVision coated tablets 400mgx7

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film coated tablets 400mgx7

Prescription only medicine.

1. What MoxiVision is and what it is used for

MoxiVision contains the active substance Moxifloxacin which belongs to a group of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones. MoxiVision works by killing bacteria that cause infections. MoxiVision is used in patients 18 years of age and older for treating the following bacterial infections when caused by bacteria against which Moxifloxacin is active. MoxiVision should only be used to treat these infections when usual antibiotics cannot be used or have not worked:

  • Infection of the sinuses
  • Sudden worsening of long term inflammation of the airways
  • Infection of the lungs (pneumonia) acquired outside the hospital (except severe cases)
  • Mild to moderate infections of the female upper genital tract (pelvic inflammatory disease), including infections of the fallopian tubes and infections of the uterus mucous membrane.
  • Infection of the lungs (pneumonia) acquired outside the hospital,
  • Infections of the skin and soft tissue.     
    2.  How to take MoxiVision

Always take this medicine exactly as your doctor has told you. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

The recommended dose for adults is one 400mg film-coated tablet once daily.

MoxiVision tablets are for oral use. Swallow the tablet whole (to mask the bitter taste) and with plenty of liquid. You can take MoxiVision with or without food. Try to take the tablet at approximately the same time each day.

The same dose can be taken by elderly patients, patients with a low bodyweight or in patients with kidney problems.

The length of time you will take MoxiVision for depends on your infection. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, your treatment will be as follows:

      • for sudden worsening (acute exacerbation) of chronic bronchitis 5 – 10 days
      • for infection of the lungs (pneumonia) acquired outside the hospital except severe cases 10 days
      • for acute infection of the sinuses (acute bacterial sinusitis) 7 days
    • Mild to moderate infections of the female upper genital tract (pelvic inflammatory disease), including infection of the fallopian tubes and infection of the uterus mucous membrane 14 days.

      MoxiVision 400 mg film-coated tablets have been studied in clinical trials for up to 14 days treatment.The recommended dose (400 mg once daily) and duration of therapy for the indication being treated should not be exceeded. It is important that you complete the course of treatment even if you begin to feel better after a few days. If you stop taking MoxiVision too soon your infection may not be completely cured and the infection may return or your condition may get worse. The bacteria causing your infection may become resistant to MoxiVision.

      What MoxiVision tablets looks like and contents of the pack.

      Each tablet is presented as pink oblong biconvex film coated tablet. The pack available is pack of 7 film coated tablets.

    • For more information, please use the Patient Information Leaflet in the box.