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On 20 April 2018 during the regular professional meeting of the Association of Ophthalmologists in the Republic of Macedonia, Farmatrejd Macedonia and PharmaVision Europe had the chance to introduce the new ophthalmic line of products recently launched in Macedonia.

The meeting was attended by more than 90% of the ophthalmologists in Macedonia. The lectures were dedicated to modern approach to glaucoma diagnosis presented by professors from the University Clinic for Ophthalmic Diseases in Skopje.

Effective from 21 March 2018 BrinzoVis (brinzolamide) of PharmaVision is included as the reference product on the List of reimbursed pharmaceutical products in the Republic of Macedonia.

The portfolio of PharmaVision Europe promoted by our partner for Macedonia – Farmatrejd Skopje includes:

  • BrinzoVis (brinzolamide) eye drops
  • DorzoVis Combo (combination of dorzolamide and timolol) eye drops
  • DorzoVis (dorzolamide) eye drops
  • TravoVis (travoprost) eye drops
  • TobraVis (tobramycine) eye drop
  • TobraVis Combo (tobramycine + dexamethasone) – eye drops and eye ointment
  • Crystal Vision (hypromellose) eye drops