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Launch of Gripoblock and Acecys in July 2016

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PharmaVision Europe launches Gripoblock and Acecys in Europe and Asia

PharmaVision Europe starts to supply the markets in Europe and Asia with 4 new medicinal products – innovative formulas developped to cover the needs of the patients in acute conditions caused by flu and cought.

For children – Gripoblck Junior sachets (pack of 12 sachets) and Acecys 200 mg sachets (pack of 20 sachets)

For Adults – Gripoblock sachets (pack of 12 sachets) and Acecys Acute 600 mg (pack of 10 sachets)

Gripoblock and Acecys will be sold without medical prescrition and will be widely avialable in the pharmacy channels. For more information, please consult the product section of our global site or the local sites of PharmaVision Europe.