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ProBIOVISION Baby drops

New Vision for your health


Drops 7,5 ml

Healthy start for your baby

Unique combination of 2 specially selected, bio-enhanced probiotic strains, prebiotic and vitamin D3 for babies

  • Daily need of vitamin D3
  • Gastrointestinal disorders and colic
  • Allergy and atopic dermatitis

Content in recommended daily dose:

Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 12246            – 125 millions

Lactobacillus rhamnosus 19070-2          – 125 millions

Total LIVE probiotic bacteria per dose    – 250 millions

Vitamin D3                                       – 400 IU/10 μg

When to recommend ProBIOVISION Baby

  • Digestive upset & colic in newborns and babies:

Infantile colic is one of the most common problems within the first 3 months of life, affecting as many as 10-30 % of newborn children.There are various causes of colicky babies, however immature digestive system, excessive gas production and digestive upset is often some of the key causes associated with colic.

  • Allergy & atopic dermatitis:

Atopic dermatitis is a pruritic disease of unknown origin that usually starts in early infancy. WHO estimate that 20 % of the world population suffers from allergic diseases. The social influence of having constantly itchy rashes and bleeding skin is considerable.


  • The latest generation of probiotic, protected by unique patented cryo-technologyBetween 80-90% of the bio-enhanced LAB reach the intestine alive and in a good condition to colonize and proliferate
  • Specially developed combination for newborns and babies with 2 Lactic acid bacteria which inhibit harmful bacteria and rebalance the intestinal flora; help to balance the immune response and reduce allergic reactions like atopic dermatitis
  • High cell count of LIFE Lactobacillus bacteria – 250 million /dose
  • Documented effect to allergic reactions which may improve tolerance to milk & reduce colic
  • Recommended in combination with antibiotic treatment (adm. 3 hours after antibiotic intake)
  • Probiotics with high antimicrobial effect among others against Clostridium difficile.
  • Symbiotic – prebiotic + probiotic
  • Content vitamin D3 which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to the maintenance of normal teeth and bones
  • Natural product
  • Easy compliance – 1 dose per day
  • Can be given directly to the baby’s mouth or added to the baby’s formula
  • Can be use every day for long period of time
  • European origin, produced under GMP
  • No allergens, lactose free
  • Should be stored in fridge and be use in 2 months after opening.