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On 04 May 2018 the Health Fund of the Republic of Albania announced the entry into force of the new 2018 Reimbursement List. PharmaVision Europe has 4 ophthalmic products included as so called “referent” products on the reimbursement list – meaning that the price of our products is reimbursed by the Health Fund without additional co-payment from the patients.

The reimbursed products are:

  1. TravoVis (travoprost)
  2. BrinzoVis (brinzolamide)
  3. TobraVis (tobramycine)
  4. TobraVis Combo (tobramycine + dexamethasone)

TravoVis and BrinzoVis are manufactured and batch released in Pharmathen SA under strict compliance of the EU cGMP requirement. Pharmathen SA is currently supplying its ophthalmic portfolio in all 28 countries members of the EU and on all the markets in Western Balkans.