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Participation in Monos Expo

Oct 19, 2016

pharma vision in Mongolia

In October Pharmavision Europe has taken part in the biggest pharmaceutical exhibition in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia – MONOS EXPO. The exhibition is held every year and presents the best healthcare brands and cosmetics products of international and local manufacturers. The exhibition is visited by many doctors who are interested to see and hear about the new and innovative pharmaceutical products in the lectures held by international professors and doctors. Patients visit MONOS EXPO where they check their health status and get familiar with the new products on the market.

PharmaVision had its own booth where the company’s new products have been shown. Gripoblock and Gripobolock Junior- the new pharmaceutical product combination for treatment of cold and flu have been  launched during Monos Expo.

pharma vision in Mongolia

PharmaVision Europe also has invited the Bulgarian academician, doctor and professor of Immunology and Allergology – Bogdan Petrunov to present the advantages of the product Immunovis in the lecture “The Low-dose Polybacterial Immunomodulators in Medical Practice”.