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Acecys 600 mg sachets x 10

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ACECYS Acute 600mg sachets powder for oral solution x 10

(INN: Acetylcystein)


AceCys acute is indicated for adults and children over 14 years in acute and chronic respiratory diseases occurring with increased formation of and difficulty in releasing bronchial secretions, such as acute and chronic bronchitis, COPD, bronchiectasis, mucoviscidosis. The product is used for the purpose of liquefying bronchial secretions and facilitating expectoration.

Adults and children over 14 years

600 mg (1 sachet) once daily.

Mucoviscidosis – adults up to 800 mg daily, children up to 600 mg daily.

The duration of treatment is determined on individual basis. In acute diseases and conditions, the usual duration is 5 – 10 days and in chronic diseases, up to several (1 – 2) months.

This is a product without medical prescription.

AceCys Acute is manufactured in EU.

Please read the patient leaflet for more information.