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Pharma Vision

Pharma Vision Europe Ltd. works with contract manufacturing sites established in the EU. All our contract manufacturing facilities cover the latest EU GMP requirements. Our food supplements manufacturers are certified by the EU authorities and the FDA.
We bring the innovation developed by many European companies into our focus markets. Our portfolio is tailored developed after careful study of the needs of the GP’s and the pediatricians.

Best Performing Brands in 1H 2019 – growth vs. PY

  • TRAVOVIS (travoporst) – first-to-market EU GMP genereic in ophtalmology (modern treatment of glaucoma). Prescription only product. 100% 100%
  • BRINZOVIS (brinzolamide). First to market EU GMP generic in ophthalmology (modern treatment of glaucoma). Prescription only product. 92% 92%
  • IMMUNOVIS (Adults, Kids, Syrup) – patented R&D formula. Low-dosed immunostimulator. Biologically active product without prescription. 83% 83%
  • PROBIOVISION (Adults, Kids, Baby and Acute) – EU GMP quality symbiotics range with 1B content of live bacteria 74% 74%
  • GRIPOBLOCK and GRIPOBLOCK JUNIOR – R&D anti-flu product containing 750 mg Paracetamol. NO SUGAR – suitable for patients with diabetes and on helathy diet. 62% 62%
  • EXPECTORANS syrup – new launch on target markets. Well established use EU product with natural ingredients from ecological areas (roots from althea officinalis) 51% 51%

Customer care is our main focus

Launch of full ophthalmic portfolio of PharmaVision Europe in Albania

On 04 May 2018 the Health Fund of the Republic of Albania announced the entry into force of the new 2018 Reimbursement List. PharmaVision Europe has 4 ophthalmic products included as so called "referent" products on the reimbursement list - meaning that the price of...

Launch of UROPROST tabl. x 60 – Patented Formula for Urinary Health

In April 2018 PharmaVision Europe launches on key markets in Europe and in Central Asia new patented formula for Urinary Health - UROPROST tabl. x 60. The product is intended for peroral immunotherapy of acute or chronic non-specific infections of the urinary tract in...