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AzitroVis powder for oral suspension

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power for oral suspension 100mg/5ml

powder for oral suspension 200mg/5ml

Antibiotic. Powder for preparation of 20 ml oral suspension.

Prescription only medicine.

1. What AzitroVis is and what it is used for

The active substance contained in this medicine is the macrolide antibiotic azithromycin. It disrupts the synthesis of proteins in the cells of different species of bacteria and thus suppresses the growth and reproduction of microorganisms that cause common diseases in humans.

AzitroVis is indicated to treat infections caused by bacteria sensitive to the activity of azithromycin, such as:

  • Infections of the upper airways, such as throat infections, tonsillitis, sinusitis and ear infections
  • Infections of the lower airways, such as bronchitis and different types of pneumonia
  • Infections of the skin and soft tissue: first stage of Lyme disease (a tick-borne infectious disease), erysipelas (red wind), other bacterial infections of the skin.

    2.  How to take AzitroVis

Always use AzitroVis exactly as your doctor has told you. You should check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

Infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract, skin and subcutaneous tissue

Recommended dose – 10 mg/kg, once daily for 3 days. In case the infection of the throat is caused by a particular type of bacteria, i.e. streptococci, your doctor may decide that it is necessary taking a higher dose (20 mg/kg once daily).

For an estimation of the correct dosage according to body weight, use the following information:

Body weight Azitrovis 100 mg/5 ml powder for oral suspension
5 kg 2,5 ml (50 mg)
6 kg 3 ml (60 mg)
7 kg 3,5 ml (70 mg)
8 kg 4 ml (80 mg)
9 kg 4,5 ml (90 mg)
10-14 kg 5 ml (100 mg)


Body weight Azitrovis 200 mg/5 ml powder for oral suspension
10-14 kg 2,5 ml (100 mg)
15-24 kg 5 ml (200 mg)
25-34 kg 7,5 ml (5 ml + 2,5 ml) (300 mg)
35-44 kg 10 ml (5 ml + 5 ml) (400 mg)

In order for the precise dosage to be measured, it should be taken into account that the 5 ml dosing syringe enclosed in the package is graduated in 0.5 ml, which corresponds to 20 mg of azithromycin.


Recommended dose – 10 mg/kg once a day on the first day and 5 mg/kg once daily from the second to the fifth day.

Lyme disease

Recommended dose – 20 mg/kg once a day on the first day and 10 mg/kg once a day from the second to the fifth day. Total dose for the whole course of treatment – 60 mg/kg

3. Method of administration

AzitroVis, powder for oral suspension is administered as a single daily dose. The exact dose is measured with a dosage oral syringe that is supplied in the package. It can be taken with or without food.

Method of preparation of the suspension

  1. The bottle comprises a powder to be suspended in water – an oral suspension is prepared.
  2. Open the bottle.
  3. To prepare the oral suspension, add 12 ml of water to clean glass bottle with a dosage syringe. (With the syringe, measure 2 times 5 ml and once 2 ml of water and add to the bottle.)
  4. Shake well until a uniform suspension is obtained.
  5. The prepared suspension can be used for 5 days.
  6. Shake the suspension before each use.

4. What AzitroVis looks like

The product is white to off-white powder which should be mixed with water to give a white to off-white homogeneous suspension with a strawberry aroma and a subtle odor of banana.AzitroVis, powder for oral suspension is packaged in a dark glass bottle of 30 ml. The bottle is sealed with a plastic cap.  Manufactured for PharmaVision Europe OOD by Chemax Pharma EOOD, European Union.

1 bottle along with a leaflet and dosing syringe for oral pharmaceutical form are placed in a single, folded carton box.

For more information, please use the Patient Information Leaflet in the box.