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10\12\20 sachets

Food Supplement

Vitasol is a food supplement which affects favorably the body’s discomfort in case of dehydration. Helps restore water-salt and electrolytic balance in the organism.

Dehydration is usually a result of vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, intense physical exertion. In case of dehydration quantities of salt and fluids in the body are reduced. Lack of water and salts destroys the electrolyte balance in the body and all processes in the organism are slowed down. The most common signs are dry mouth, dizziness, headache and fatigue.
Vitasol is a combination of salts and glucose in the powder for oral solution. Salts and glucose dissolved in water, provide fast hydration. The ingredients of Vitasol support the function of the cardiovascular, nervous and urinary systems.
The content of glucose contributes to the absorption of salts. Potassium together with sodium favors the maintenance of fluid balance in the body. Sodium citrate has a soothing effect on the stomach  and the taste of lemon fascilitates the intake of the product.


One sachet (4.360 grams) contents: Glucose 3,000g; Sodium Citrate –0,550g; Sodium Chloride–0,500g; Potassium Chloride –0,300g; Lemon taste – 0,010g.


To prepare the suspension one sachet is dissolved in 200ml water, stirred well. Drink in small sips. Use no more than 24 hours after preparation.

Recommended daily dose:

Children from 1 to 5 години – up to 5 sachets (1 liter for 24 hours).
Children from 5 to 12 години – from 5 to 8 sachets.
Teenagers and Adults  – from 5 to 10 sachets.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. To be taken with caution by people with kidney failure and heart problems.

People suffering diabetics should take account of the content of glucose.

Composition of the maximum recommended daily dosage of:







Glucose 15,000 g 24,000 g 30,000 g
Sodium Citrate Dihydrate 2,750 g 4,400 g 5,500 g
Sodium Chloride 2,500 g 4,000 g 5,000 g
Potassium Chloride 1,500 g 2,400 g 3,000 g
Lemon taste 0,050 g 0,080 g 0,100 g

 Storage: Dry and protected from light place at 25˚C.

Keep out of reach ofchildren!

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